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Bats need our help because their numbers have decreased drastically in recent years, mainly due to loss of habitat

Who we are

The Isle of Wight Bat Group consists of volunteer members who are passionate about bats and protecting their habitats on the island. We are a partner group to the Bat Conservation Trust, we aim to promote and support bat conservation on the Isle of Wight as well as raising public awareness about these wonderful and often misunderstood creatures.

The primary objectives and activities of the IoW bat group are:-

  • Raise awareness of bats and their conservation.
  • Help conserve bats and their habitat.
  • Recording and monitoring bat populations on the island
  • Assisting Natural England with roost visits where threats to bats may exist
  • Carrying out conservation projects such as bat box schemes, improving roost sites or opening and protecting potential sites.
  • Organising talks and educational events throughout the year
  • Providing a care and rescue service for sick and injured bats, with the aid of the Isle of Wight Bat Hospital

We also have a Facebook page